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  1. Hi. I’m writing from Cork in Ireland. At the moment there is an exhibition about US Navy Ships that were stationed in Cobh (Queenstown) during WW1. One of these was the USS Wadsworth. I believe it is named for Alexander Scammel Wadsworth. Can anybody tell me if he is related to James Samuel Wadsworth who died at Gettysburg? I’m researching the history of Elizabeth Wadsworth, James S.Wadsworth’s daughter who married Lord Barrymore.
    Many thanks, Catherine

  2. Hi, Hope all is well. I remember when you first started this back in 2005. Wow many more people jumping in. I still have our family summer Cottage in Duxbury and spend every summer there with all the Wadsworth’s This summer I am going to do some digging to put as much together as possible. I stop by Christopher’s (1632) grave sight every year, buried next to his friend “John Alden”. I am excited about the 400 reunion I’m 53 now. There is a Wadsworth still alive in Duxbury I believe in his 90’s direct descendant still on family land I will try to make contact he doesn’t know I exist lol.. I have the Family leather book “The Wadsworth Family in America 250yrs” and a few other old pieces. Have fun!! Barry Wadsworth

  3. Is there a Facebook page for all of this? Also looking for information on John Daniel Wadsworth or children and family. My dad was adopted and we found he was his father. Trying to find family out there.

  4. My name is Sandra Elaine Wadsworth (Williams) living in New Mexico and would love to hear from you phone number 1-575-894-**** Please call I was born in Lock Haven,Pennsylvania in 1946. Moved to Nevada with my parents Elaine Selfe Temple Wadsworth and Leroy Leonard Wadsworth Married a Paul Williams Deceased now Have 4 other siblings, Sherman Leroy, deceased Leah lives in Tenneessee,Ricky deceased and sister Audrey lives in California Both parents are deceased Hope to hear from you sandee

    ADMIN Comment: If you wish to contact Sandra, please use her email –

    • Hey Sandee, My Grandad was Romeo Clyde Wadsworth. I know so very little about him. I would love to know more. I am from Apollo Pa. He only has 1 child out of 13 that’s still living & she never answers questions. I have been told we are ancestors of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. If we are related I would love to know.

  5. hello, I am a great grand-daughter of Colonel Clarence S. Wadsworth, who also established the Wadsworth mansion.
    I would be keen on receiving updates in relation to the 400th reunion as well as accessing a family tree.
    Thank you so much.

  6. I am trying to research my father’s heritage. He was a foundling left at a foundling home possibly in Michigan in 1924. There was a piece of paper with him that said “mother’s name Wadsworth” and “mother has light brown curly hair”. That is all the info that I have on him. He was adopted in Michigan and his birthday was celebrated on May 8th. This may be a painful subject to some, but if anyone knows anything about my father I would be very grateful. Also, he did have a rare genetically inherited eye disease as an adult called Vitelliform Macular Dystrophy. When it is inherited as a child it is called Best Disease. He went legally blind in his later years.

  7. I am the great-grandson of Alexander Seaborn Wadsworth. Hope to make the reunion in 2032 (I’ll be 84).

  8. Thank you for this site..I am so excited to have found it! I’m Deborah Wadsworth from northern California, daughter of E.J. “Pat” Wadsworth of Birmingham, Ala and Jo Ann King Wadsworth (Sacramento, CA). All of my paternal family are/were from Alabama, from what I can tell, Blount County, and I know my grandmother Alice E. Spradley Wadsworth was born in Sterret, Ala., and died in Decatur. William Wadsworth b Lincoln Co. Georgia was my 2nd great gfather, and his wife, Temperance (Martin) Wadsworth, my 2nd great gmother. I have only begun the search for my ancestors, so hope to learn more!

  9. Hello,

    I am trying to find out more information about my great-grandfather, Harrison Morton Wadsworth Sr. I understand that he is a descendant of Gen. James Wadsworth and therefore the original Wadsworth family who came to America from Yorkshire, England in the 17th century.

    I believe Harrison Morton Wadsworth Sr. was born on March 4, 1889, the day that President Benjamin Harrison took office. This is the story that my grandfather, Harrison Morton Wadsworth, Jr. told me. Apparently he was named “Harrison” after the President and the middle name “Morton” came from the name of the Vice President, Levi P. Morton. This story gained credence when going through his papers after Jr.’s death, I discovered a hand written note to Harrison Wadsworth Sr. from the Vice President. Harrison Wadsworth Sr. died at approximately age 40 in ~1929 in an industrial accident in Duluth, MN, when Jr. was five-years-old. Jr. then moved with his mother and sister to South Florida and my branch of the Wadsworth family lost touch with the rest of the clan.

    I have an original copy of the 1882 “Wadsworth Family in America” book that must have come from my great-great grandparents, but I don’t really know for sure.

    Please contact me if you have any information on Harrison Wadsworth Sr. or if you have any suggestions for how I can find this information. I have a new son, Harrison M. Wadsworth, V, born in March 2017. I’d really like to be able to share the family’s story with him. He’s already visited the General’s magnificent statue at Gettysburg.

    And remember…Eagles Don’t Catch Flies!

  10. I’m not related to the Wadsworth family but this website is very interesting. I believe my sister and brother-in-law, Holly and Ted Wells bought a lake house near the south end of Conesus Lake (NY) from a member of the Wadsworth family (It has a large lighted picture of the Great Wall of China in the down stairs recreation room). Do you know of this property and do you have any history of it? Also, does/did the Wadsworth family of Geneseo, NY have a connection to Standard Oil?

  11. Does anyone have knowledge of Emma and Nellie Wadsworth of who spent the summer of 1875 with General Custer and Libbie Custer and had many photos taken of officers and men and women of 7th cavalry?

  12. I have some information on this family and would like to share it. It is mostly on Daniel Feaster Wadsworth. If you are interested please contact me at 4027061303

  13. Got a question regarding Clarence Seymour Wadsworth. Is he part of our family and if so, uh, how? I haven’t done much research on him, but I now his father’s name was Julius and Julius was born in 1818, but that’s pretty much it, for now. They are from Connecticut, the Hartford area.

  14. I have William H. Wadsworth’s, of Maysville,KY, personal bible. It is signed by him and dated 1840. The Bible was printed in Hartford,Ct. 1818. I bought it in Bardstown, KY for .50 cents . I would like to give it to the appropriate family. Is anyone interested?

    • Yes! I am a Wadsworth descendent (my Mom’s Mom). There will be big reunion this summer that I am determined to attend. I’m so excited & looking forward to meeting this side of my family. It would be wonderful to have this bible to share with the rest of my Wadsworth family!

    • I’m sure you have already found someone wanting the Wadsworth Bible but if not I am extremely interested in getting it. My Wadsworth ancestors helped found the city of Hartford, Connecticut but moved from the eastern states in the 1800’s. Two Wadsworth brothers came to America on “Ye olde ship Lion” in the late 1600’s and I am a descendant.
      Thank you for offering the Bibke to a Wadsworth family member. It is a very generous thing to do.
      Wilma Wadsworth Andrews

  15. I am trying to prove the link between Thomas Wadsworth (b 1781 and d 1841) Craven County, NC and his son William Bryan Wadsworth (b 1808 and d 1868) in NC too. Any help would be great!

  16. I would like to become a part of your group. I also have Wadsworth ancestors, the most recent to me is Lucy Wadsworth (1772-1851) who was married to Amon Langdon. Lucy Wadsworth Langdon was my 4th great grandmother.

  17. I am searching for info for my husband, Ron…His dad’s twin sister, Lois Sandlin, married Bates Wadsworth…they had 2 sons, Gerald and Charles..we believe Charles fought in the Korean or Vietnam war…he is deceased and has been for many years…these are my husband’s first cousins…we are specifically looking for info on Gerald..probably born in Lauderdale County in the late 1930’s.

  18. I am searching for info for my husband, Ron…His dad’s twin sister, Lois Sandlin, married Bates Wadworth…they had 2 sons, Gerald and Charles..we believe Charles fought in the Korean or Vietnam war…he is deceased and has been for many years…these are my husband’s first cousins…we are specifically looking for info on Gerald..probably born in Lauderdale County in the late 1930’s.

  19. I have a copy of a book called Two Hundred and Fifty Years of the Wadsworth Family by Horace Andrew Wadsworth in America. On the face plate it says “Published at the Eagle Steam Job Printing Rooms. 1883” although the books seems much newer than that. Do you want it? It was part of my father’s collection. My mother is related somehow.

  20. I am looking for Ann Wadsworth, married with Peter Martin, daughter of Katherine (Kay) and John William Wadsworth.

    Dr. Rolf Lattreuter
    Gravelottestr. 69
    28211 Bremen

  21. Looking for information on: Flora Viola (Wadsworth) Wiggans – [Viola may be Violet] Born ? 1862/63, died ? 1883 – death may have been at/near birth of child Delbert Homer Wiggans. Husband: Thomas Cassius Wiggans (1861-1932). Kansas. Flora would be my great, great grandmother.
    Thank you for any and all info you might have available.

  22. Hi is the history of the Wadsworth in America to be re-written now DNA has proven Christopher and William are not related?

    • That’s very interesting. Being a Wadsworth that is the same haplogroup to William, but whose family never emigrated to America, I’d be very interested to dig back through the Yorkshire records and determine why ‘my’ family moved to Ireland.

    • Interesting. I am new to this site. When was this discovery re Christopher & William revealed? James Ralph Wadsworth, son of Ralph Moses Wadsworth, grandson of Oas Wadsworth, great grandson of Moses Goodwin Wadsworth

      • Jim, we are cousins! I’m the owner of this website. My father was Milo. I had my DNA tested around 2006 and at that time I was the first (recorded) direct descendant from Christopher to do so. There were several from William’s line already documented, that had a different haplogroup than mine. Feel free to get in direct touch with me at

    • M Wadsworth

      Have you considered expanding your” Wadsworth Web Site,” to include DNA, Trees, Origins and Bios.; U.S. (by state), English & Irish, etc. (i)

      The Wadsworth name: has been in use for at least, 1,270 years since it was first identified. Your Wadsworth Web Site could be used to co-ordinate and collect our research on a world wide basis. How, exciting this information will be for those Wadsworth’s able to attend 2032 Anniversary !! (ii)

      Christopher Wadsworth 1609-1680 as in “250 years” was from Heptonstall, Yorkshire, across the Calder Valley from the Parish of Wadsworth, near Halifax Yorkshire. As recorded, in 1632 he arrived in Duxbury, Plymouth County, Massachusetts, on the “Lion”, Christopher was the first constable of Duxbury, Plymouth County, Massachusetts and deputy selectman and surveyor. My DNA is a100% match to Christopher’s. We are cousins!!

      Wadsworth Name: and it’s many variations, include; • Waddesworth • Wadasworth • Wadsworth • Wadward • Wadworth • Wardsworth • Wodesworth • Wordsworth; all emerged from the Anglo-Saxon Era near Halifax, Yorkshire. The name Wadsworth may have developed from, Waedi or Wada, by adding “Worth” which means enclosure, place, or homestead (from the Old Yorkshire Language).

      Our name was recorded in The Doomsday Book 1086—the first English Census — • Wadesuurde • Wadewrde • Wadeuorde • Wadewrde; then • Wadewurth 1204 • Waddeworth 1310 • Wadsworth 1480 • Wadsworth 1594.

      I have researched my line from the early 1600 hundreds. The areas included; Yorkshire, Liverpool, Manchester, Salford, Macclesfield, Chesterfield- Derbyshire, Wrexham-North Wales, and Canada. — My family includes—Artist, Accounts, Lawyers, Judges, Aldermen, Mayors, Justice of the Peace, Tax Collectors/Overseers, Military Officers from all service branches , up to rank of Brig. General and Naval Cdr., Master Mariners, Merchant- Marine/Commodore/ Marine Superintendent of The Anchor Line/Cunard Line, Mining Engineers & Mineral Agents, Farmers & Millers, Silk Workers, Tradesmen, Weavers, Throwsters, Card Makers, and Silk Manufacturers plus prominent Religion Leaders.

      I haven’t been able to make a direct connections to Heptonstall, except by DNA and instances of many Wool, Cotton and Silk Weavers in my direct family from Macclesfield, Cheshire. Joseph Wadsworth went to Patterson N. J. 1849 help to start American Silk Industry.

      My family given names include; Alfred, Ann, Catherine, Caroline, Charles, Edward, Elizabeth, Emma, Eric, Fredrick, Francis, Henry, George , Hannah, James, John, Joseph, Joshua, Leonard, Maria, Martha, Matthew, Mary, Peter, Pickering, Robert, Sarah, Sidney, Stephen, Thomas, and William.

      The religious history of my ancestors appears to be mainly: Methodists/Wesleyan’s, Moravians, Presbyterian, Unitarians , Baptists, Congregationtists, similar to the “ New England Colonists.”

      In early Church of England records; families favored the name Wordsworth, and the dissenters (non-conformists) favored Wadsworth.

      (i)If funding and support is an issue—Wadsworth crowd funding could be used.
      (ii) Tree layouts must be uniform


      Robert A. Wadsworth, Canada

  23. Thank you so much for this website. I am a direct descendant of Christopher Wadsworth through my gg grandmother Mary Wadsworth who married Hiram Parker. Christopher is my 8th great grandfather. My line is as follows: Christopher>Ebenezer>Recompence>David>David>Capt.David>Mary Wadsworth>Hiram W.Parker>Frank W.Parker>Althea Grace McClelland>me. It is interesting to note that Mary Wadsworth Parker is the great grandmother of the poet Ezra Pound. If anyone is interested in this particular line, I am more than happy to share. Thank you again for the clarification regarding the relationship between Christopher and William.

    • Just FYI:

      Here is the line as listed in the book: 250 years of the Wadsworth Family in America: page 168

      Dav1d 7. David 6, David 5, Recompense 4, Ebenezer 3, Samuel 2, Christopher1
      ; a scythe manufacturer ;
      Barre, Mass. ; born 1767. — 1835 ;
      married Virtue Willard.
      Betsey, 1790.
      Perley, 1791 ; Master Mariner, lost at sea.
      Susannah, 1793; married Clatlin now living
      in Hopkinton.
      Patty, 1796; — 1 796.
      David, 1797.
      Willard, 1800.
      Martha, 1802; married J. D.Holden.
      Samuel, 1804; —- in infancy.
      Charles. 1805.
      Mary, 1808; married Hiram Parker, Hopkinton.

  24. The Aaron Cook Family in 1630 and the Wadsworth and Talcott Families were intimately intertwined whether through marriage and close family ties or through politics and the military involvement. I have a Cooke Family Tree facebook page with a lot of information on our relationship with the Wadsworth Family. Hannah Wadsworth, the daughter of Captain Joseph Wadsworth, married Aaron Cooke IV, who were my 5th Great Grandparents. Joseph was the son of William Wadsworth, one of the Founders of Hartford, CT. If you wish to join the page, just simply put in a request and I will approve it since it is a closed group.

    • Was Joseph Wadsworth the father of Charity Emeline Wadsworth (1816-1897) who married Nathan W Harris (my 3rd gg)? They all lived in Becket, Mass.

      • No this would not be the same Joseph Wadsworth. He had a son Joseph, a son Ichabod, a daughter Hannah (my 5th great grandmother), a son Jonathan and William. He was born in 1649 and died in 1730. Now it could very well be one of his childrens children. Most lived in Hartford area and Harwinton, CT.

    • I am decended from Capt Joseph Wadsworth who hid the charter of Conneticut in the famous Charter Oak in Hartford Conn. snd was married to Elizabeth Talcott
      Their child was Jonathan Wadsworth who married Abigail Camp. Their child Jonathan Jonah married Abigail Flagg and their child was Henry “Harry” Wadsworth who married Eliz Bidwell in Hartford. Their son Richard Wadsworth married Ann Mclean ( I have their photos}. Their daughter Anna Marie wed
      Charles M Worthington and their son was Walter E. Worthington, my grandpa, who married Harriet Weigle and their daughter Ruth m. James Walter Angell and my name is James Worthington Angell. More info available

  25. Glad I found your site. I am a descendant of Clarissa Wadsworth Packard born about 1793 in Rochester, NY and died in Iowa. I found something that says she is a descendant of Joseph Wadsworth of Charter Oak fame. I can’t find the connection. I’m having a hard time finding anything past Clarissa. How many generations does your book have? Would it have Clarissa in it?

  26. I’m interested in the descendants of Susanna Fenn and Lt. Samuel Wadsworth, son of Lt. Samuel. They had James and Samuel. Susanna died the same year Samuel is born. Susanna is a blood aunt of mine, third gen. in the colonies.

  27. Hello. My husband, Michael Schieffelin, is the grandson of William Ross Proctor Jr.. WRP Jr. was a grandson x7 of Samuel Wadsworth and his father was Christopher Wadsworth. So I believe that makes my husband the grandson x8. We are very mindful of many roots in our family tree, particularly on the Schieffelin side, and also the Singer Sewing Machine side on the Proctor line but to the best of my knowledge I don’t think many of us know about this connection to such an early American settler. It was fun to discover.

    • I have just come accross this, I am Guy Wadsworth, I have just read the NY Times article of the 1882 reunion. Very strange, when I married in 1985 my best man was Miles Standish, I remember him saying that an ancestor was a marine on the Mayflower or similar.

      If any of you drink Guinness, my grandfather was CEo of Guinness in London and built the London Guinness Brewery in Park Royal in Wadsworth road. The only US connection we have is my father being given an American bronze star for doing something at the battle of Arnhem which he parachuted into in 1944

  28. Hello, My name is John Sloan. I am researching the Descendants of Elder Thomas Dymoke of Barnstable as part of my extended family. As part of my research notes I have the following information and a question concerning the Gen Wadsworth mentioned:

    Shubael Dimick, III and Ester Pierce, b.-29 Nov 1750, Mansfield, CT, d.-?, m.-Eleanor ? . In 1790 census Samuel was in Tyringham, MA with 4 males under 16 and 2 females. In 1794 and 1798 there are land sale records in Tyringham, MA with his name and also his wife, Eleanor, is listed on these records. About 1800 Samuel moved to Rochester, NY. After that move no record can be found about him. His wife and 4 ch. died in about one year, and Gen. Wadsworth brought up the 2 surviving ch., Ephraim and Polly.

    Children of Samuel Dimick and Eleanor ? : all b. Tyringham, MA.
    6-62 1) Ephraim Jefferson: b.- 1 June, 1787, d.-13 Mar 1832, m.-Cynthia Ann Couch
    2) Alvy: b.- ? (possibly husband of Polly)
    3) son: b.-before 1790
    4) son: b.-before 1790
    5) Polly: b.- before 1790
    6) dau.: b.-before 1790

    Would you have any information as to the first name of Gen Wadsworth?

    Regards and thank you, John

  29. I am a direct descendant of Thomas Wadsworth and Rebeca passmore. I have researched my part of the wadsworth family tree for the past few years. my family is from wesmorland county penna. i have most if not all the info on there sons and daughters all the way down to me,So i may be able to help some of you that are in this leg of the wadsworth family.I also have web sites i can send you with tons of info.

    • I too am a descendant of Thomas. Please send info regarding his son Thomas, and then Joseph. My grandfather was Wilbert Wadsworth, s/o Jesse, from Indiana and Westmoreland Counties in PA.

    • I am the granddaughter of Narry Wadsworth and Margaret Cramer Wadsworth of Cramer Pa My Mother Ethel Mae Wadsworth born May 25 1899. she had an uncle jim wadsworth of Blacklick Pa. Indiana Co. I would like to know more.

    • also I have run across Thomas Wadsworth and Rebecca and was wondering if you would send info to me at the address below;Sandee (wadsworth) Williams


      ADMIN COMMENT – I removed address and phone information as I’m not comfortable with displaying personal information on this website. Please contact Sandee at her email address if you would like information from her. END ADMIN COMMENT.

      Sorry would not me type properly phone # xxx xxx-xxxx thank you.

    • Hello,

      I live on FRED SNOW RD in Becket, MA. Our house next to the Snow House
      built on WADSWORTH HILL. We have wanted to know why this land (8 acres) is named Wadsworth Hill. Any information on The Wadsworth’s from Becket MA. ??

  30. My grandfather is Wilbert Wadsworth of central PA. I’ve spoken to someone in the UK who said the name can be found as far back as the 13th century with birth & death records of Waddisworth in Yorkshire and Heptonstall churches.

    • I took a trip to the church in Heptonstall, England and the parish of Wadsworth. There are many gravestones with the name Wadsworth there. I am a descendant of Christopher of the Barnstable Ma area.

    • Hello, my grandmother’s grandfather was Moses Wadsworth. His daughter, Eunice married William Farr. Their daughter was my grandmother.

      I have a copy of a genealogy assembled by a family friend Edith Summer and published in 1959. This book is titled “Descendants of Thomas Farr of Harpswell, Maine and ninety allied families. I would be willing so scan some pages if helpful.

      Blessings, Nancy Taylor, Phd

  31. can anyone help with info re our distant relative by the name of John de Wordysworth who had a son called Richard (Ricardus) Wordysworth.
    John was Born 1275 ? and that’s where I come to a complete halt. Any info would be appreciated.
    His father is believed to be William de Wordysworth 1250-1300.
    Interesting to see this line morph from Wordyswoth to Waddesworth to Wadsworth.
    Greg Wadsworth

  32. Before my grandmother passed away she informed me that we’re descendants of Christopher Wadsworth. i know my name doesn’t carry his but i would like to know if this is true or not. She left the family with a book containing the family crest and a extensive list of generations all the way to Christopher Wadsworth. I presently don’t have access to the book but a close relative does. Great website and great to know where my family came from. Thanks!

    • Hi Chris,
      I too am related to Christopher Wadsworth. So far have traced that side of my family back to the 12th century.
      If I can help just let me know.

      • I am 10th generation from Christopher to Joseph to Elisha to both Waits to Lewis Lumber to Herbert to Herbert, Jr to Herbert Todd. I haven’t had much luck finding Christopher’s antecedents. Maybe, someone can help me with that😃. My email is
        Thanks. I sent the original book to Dr John Wadsworth, my cousin in Portland, OR.

  33. I am looking for people in my family tree. My grandfather was Martin Luther Wadsworth and grandmother Ann Frank Wadsworth. I was never told who my decent family was or current. I would like to know more. Can anyone help me?

    • Good day, I’m Michael Rowe Wadsworth of Farmington, Connecticut. I stumbled across this site just recently. This section of the family is of and from William Wadsworth side originally 107 Main Street Farmington, CT. The family homestead still stands at 378 yrs. old, one of the first homes built at 107 Main Street in Farmington. My father, Captain Dwight Wadsworth was born in the parlor (living room) as did most of his his siblings. His father, Adrian R. Wadsworth was a highly successful dairy famer, business man and civil engineer. He and his father were successful in growing apples, peaches, and pears from their orchard on Rattlesnake Mt` father and him were successful. As I have found this site, I will enjoy all of your posts and comments. I look forward to sharing “stuff” with all of you. Don’t be shy

  34. I’m a direct descendant of Christopher Wadsworth and would like any info on family tree. Have gone back to William de Wordysworth in 13th century. The name has morphed/changed quite a bit to present day spelling.

  35. Hi Sue. Could you verify for me that Robert Wadsworth was the son of Thomas and Rebecca? Also, could you list all of Robert’s children?
    That you in advance,

  36. I’m in the process of joining the DAR Need information On Susan Camp Wadsworth either birth date and place of birth or place and daate of death Her husband was John Noyes Wadsworth born in 1758 Her children were John born in 1781 and Wedwoth born in 1782 They probably were born and died in Durham Middesex Co Ct. They all come from the Book Wadsworth family 250 years Can anyone help me? It is my one missing link Maybe she died after the birth of Wedworth?

  37. My Mother passed a year ago and I’ve only glanced at the family tree material that was left behind. I have a original Wadsworth family tree that was printed around the late 1880s. My grandfather and great grandfather are Gerald B Wadsworth. My grandpa was born in NY and died in Suffield CT. Him and my great grandfather were ancestry buffs. I know from the book my lineage consists of Henery Wadsworth Longfellow. The book is written by Horace A Wadsworth it entails 250 years of heritage. I can look up any ancestry prior to 1882. Please contact me with questions, through this book I was able to relate myself to Longfellow. Back then many people took on their Mothers name as a middle name and the fathers as the last name. My great grandfather even questioned a piece of the book, in which he corrected the author and I have the original response from him.

  38. I have been working on my wife’s background. She is Carol Ann Wadsworth. I have followed her tree back as far as Thomas and Elizabeth Barnard Wadsworth. He was born in 1651 in East Hartford Conn. and he died in 1725, burried in E. Hartford, Conn.His parents were William & Elizabeth Stone Wadsworth He was born 1594 Long Buckley, Northamptonshire, England. He is burried in Hertford, Conn. My wifes family were supposedly related to Zilpah Wadsworth who was the mother of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. So far; I have not been able to make the connection between the New England Wadsworths and the Alabama-Georgia Wadsworths. I have posted my wife’s family tree on Can anyone help me make so more connections? Please Email me at Thanks, Mike Lubman

    • I have Walter Wadsworth, born in Hartford Ct Mar 1801, died Decatur Ga Nov 1875. His obituary states that he was born in Hartford. Son John Jr, born in SC 1822, died I think 1882, lived in Calhoun County Alabama, then in Rome, Ga. He had 3 daughters that I know of, not sure of sons. I have him as son of James Wadsworth Jr and Abigail May but I have not been able to substantiate that to my complete satisfaction.

      Hope this helps.

      • Walter had a son, William Lafayette Wadsworth who married Rosa Bowie. They had several children, one was my great grandfather.

  39. Hemon Wadsworth was my great great great grandfather. He was born in New York, settled in Wisconsin, then moved to Palmer, Nebraska. He is buried there with his son Charles E. Wadsworth and grandson Elmer Wadsworth. Hemon was born in 1822 and fought in the Civil War for the Wisconsin Infantry. He married Almrilla Greenman. I do not have information on who his parents were. Any help would be appreciated.

  40. My grandfather was also named Jeremiah Wadsworth. He passed away on April 14, 2014. He was the ninth generation of Wadsworth to live and die in the home where his wife of 67 years still resides. The house is located at 107 Main St in Farmington CT. Our family has lived in this house for the last 368 years.

    • Good evening Jeremiah,
      My name is Rich Collier and also live in Farmington, CT,. I am also a 56th Great grandson of Joseph Wadsworth, through his daughter Hannah Wadsworth Cook, who married Capt. Aaron Cooke. My mothers name is Ann Cook. My question is and have been looking for quite sometime, for the grave of Captain Joseph Wadsworth. I can find the graves of many of the Wadsworths including my ggggggrandmother Hannah and Aaron, who are buried in Harwinton.

      The first Aaron Cook is also the first settler and house builder in Simsbury where there is a monument. But it certainly cannot beat out the good fortune that your family has had in living in that historic house on Main St.

        • No Jeremiah, I have not. I did talk to the towns historian and she said no. But I will double check anyways. Are you related to William Wadsworth that lives on Main St also. I have been meaning to give him a call. I have a document signed William Wadsworth and Ruth Wadsworth, that pertained to land bought by Aaron Cooke and Hannah Wadsworth Cooke (daughter of Capt Jos. Wadsworth).

          • That was my grandpa he died.My father live there call him name is William Wadsworth. He might know 605-692-4188

          • Is there any family still lived there my grandparents lived there soo I think then built house next to it.

  41. My wife’s mother is Barbara Evon Wadsworth. She is originally from Florida. She is an optometrist who now works part time and lives in Stuarts Draft, Virginia. She has 4 children and was a Gebb before taking back her maiden name of Wadsworth. My wife, Anita, is the oldest. She is a dentist and lives in Stuarts Draft as well. Anita has a sister who is a pharmacist, another sister who is a radiology technician, and a brother who teaches at a private Methodist affiliated university in Oklahoma City. He is finishing his Doctor of Education in something, although not sure exactly what.

  42. My maternal great grandmother was Jane Wadsworth Neale of Norristown, Pa. I believe her father was a physician in Philadelphia. Does anyone know how far back her family tree in the U.S. goes and who any of her ancestors may be? Many thanks.

  43. I am trying to locate the family of James Raymond Wadsworth who was born in Hastings, NY in 1899 and died in Spokane, Washington in 1969. He was a 1920 graduate of Cornell and was a professor of languages at the University of Michigan and the University of Nebraska. He was married to Hazel G. Wadsworth and have evidence that they lived in Lincoln, Neb. in 1947 (last date I could find). My husband is in possession of Mr. Wadsworth’s Phi Beta Kappa key from Cornell and would like for his relatives if found to have it.

  44. Do you have a Nathan Lytle m. Sarah Wadsworth born ca 1792 and she may be a dau of Thomas Wadsworth and Mary Wiley? We have an Ann Wadsworth wife of John Norris that is also supposed to be a dau of Thomas Wadsworth and Mary Wiley. I don’t have the publication that I see on the internet and was hoping she might be listed. Is the book well documented? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  45. Christopher Wadsworth is my 10th great grandfather. A year or so ago I was able to prove descendancy from Jonathan Wadsworth Jr. (Becket, Berkshire, Massachusetts) and joined the DAR. My maternal great-grandmother was Flora Belle Wadsworth.

    • G’Day from OZ.
      Christopher is also my great-grandfather (10 or 11 times ago). Any info you need I might be able to help you.
      Have traced this line back to the 13th century.
      Greg Wadsworth

  46. my 8th great grandfather was Thomas Wadsworth born in clerkenwells england married Rebecca passmore after they came to baltimore maryland looking to share info and looking for thomas’ parents names or names of his brothers or sisters I belive his father’s name is william
    Tim wadsworth

    • Hello, Tim,
      I am also descended from Thomas Wadsworth and Rebecca Passmore. Thomas Wadsworth is my 6th great grandfather. I have not been able to find anything else about the parents or siblings of our English ancestors. Can you provide a reference to William as Thomas’ father? Any idea where the family came from before Clerkenwell?

      Sue Pelzel

      • Susan that is a good question I have hit the wall you could say.It has taken me a good 5 years part time to get to thomas. Which one of the family members are you a descendant of ?

        • Hi, Tim,
          Best I can tell, this is my Wadsworth tree:

          Thomas Wadsworth & Rebecca Passmore
          –> Robert Wadsworth (the Revolutionary War vet)
          —-> Jesse Wadsworth
          ——> William Wadsworth
          ——–> George Wadsworth
          ———-> Basil Wadsworth (my grandfather)

          I may have counted wrong, and Thomas may be my 5th great grandfather — not my 6th. In any case, I’d love to go to England armed with some more pointers to help me find where Thomas was born and/or raised. I thought that if you knew where his father William was from, I could start there.

          Sue Pelzel

          • Hi Susan. I am a Wadsworth from Detroit. My grand father was Donald Wadsworth his brother was Jack Wadsworth. My Great Grand father was George Wadsworth. His wife was named Jene although has her as Jane that is incorrect. I have the original census from Detroit and I can see her name was written kind of messy so I understand why they think it was Jane.
            anyy way I was wandering if you had any info about the Wadsworth from England that were ornamental iron workers. I was told that is what my family did before they came to Canada then Detroit in the early 1900’s.
            Thanks alot,

          • Hi Sue. Could you verify for me that Robert Wadsworth was the son of Thomas and Rebecca? Also, could you list all of Robert’s children?
            That you in advance,

          • Hi Sue. Could you verify for me that Robert Wadsworth was the son of Thomas and Rebecca? Also, could you list all of Robert’s children?
            That you in advance,

      • Hello,
        I Thomas Wadsworth is my 5th great grandfather and he and his son Thomas are both buried in Pershing Cemetary near Derry Pa less than 10 miles from me. My great grandfather was James Wadsworth and his father was Samuel, his father was Thomas, and His father was Thomas who came as an indentured servent and married Rebecca Passmore in Maryland. I also have been trying to do research on his father in England but have had no luck. Any help would be appreciated.

        • I too am a descendant of Thomas. I am doing research for DAR and would like to know more about Thomas, his son Thomas, and Samuel. My grandfather was Wilbert Wadsworth who lived in Indiana and Westmoreland Counties in PA. Would love to see anything you could share.

      • I am wondering if my family descended from Thos. Wadsworth and Rebecca Passmore. Samuel Wadsworth, my 4th great grandfather lived in Frederick County, Maryland, in the early 1800s. Can any of you help me determine if Samuel descended from Thomas and Rebecca?

      • Hi, I’m a descendant of Thomas Wadsworth (Oct.4,1713, D 1760 Joppa, Harford, Maryland, USA.
        His parents are William Wadsworth B1685 D.1746 in Little Bowden, Northhamptonshire Eng. (?)
        Thomas’s children: Robert J. wadsworth B Jun. 22, 1750 Joppa D. Sept. 9, 1823/25 Shinston, Harrison, West Virginia USA.Other children: John, Eleanor,Ann,Thomas II,Mary,Robert (as stated before),William,William,Samuel and Michael.
        Anything else I might be able to help you with just ask.
        Cheers Greg Wadsworth

  47. I was born in Oroville, CA in 1949 (the youngest and only child born outside Oklahoma) to Aubra Marton Wadsworth (6/10/1916 Neligoni, OK) and Marjorie Mae Roller Wadsworth (4/25/1923 Sperry, OK). My grandfather, Ollie Wadsworth and his three brothers are mentioned in Wadsworth Family in America. His father was Samuel Wadsworth and his mother was Alice Goforth. According to family legend Alice was Choctaw and one day in 1884 when my grandfather was 4, Samuel was away and Alice, miserable not being with her people, left with the 4 boys in the wagon and when she came to a crossroads, stopped and lifted the boys one by one out of the wagon then drove off to live with the Choctaw (she knew her sons wouldn’t be accepted there). This is how I heard the story my entire life. Totally true? I don’t know but it sure does a great family story! I will post more about my father’s immediate family later. Wadsworth Proud!

    • do you have any info about samuel wadsworth i may have some info on him if you have his birth date and death i have info on samuel wadsworth’s from westmorland penna area

    • Judith, Do you know which land run they came in on? My great grandmother is Ollie’s half sister-Lavina Ellen Wadsworth-Wells Brown Merchant. I know she was issued a letter signed by Ronald Reagan on the 75th Ann. as a living survivor of it, but I was a kid and don’t remember what it said. Thank you for any help. Linda Marrie Williams

    • I found your post to be very interesting since my grandmother’s name was Florence Viola and she named one of her daughters Flora. She was born near Wellington, Kansas in 1886. My grandfather was Wilson David Wadsworth born 9/17/1875 in Harrison, Boone County, Arkansas and his father (my great grandfather) was Samuel Michael Wadsworth.

    • Hello Judith. I just found this web site and find it very interesting. My Grandfather (Wilson David Wadsworth) was your Grandfather Ollie’s oldest brother. My grandpa was born in Harrison, Boone County, Arkansas on September 17, 1875. Their parents names were Samuel Michael Wadsworth and Nancy Alice Goforth Wadsworth. They were married on September 17, 1874 and my grandpa was born on their first wedding anniversary. My grandpa and family moved to Colorado in the 1930’s but I still have cousins living in Nelogony, OK. I have the real facts about how our grandparents were abandonded if you are interested please email me at

  48. Hey,
    My father is Raymond William Wadsworth and my grandfather is Roy William Wadsworth. Both are still alive and kicking. I have 1 brother and 1 sister both Wadsworths. I also have about 10 cousins and we all live in NC. Would love to know more about our past. Thanks!

  49. I am trying to confirm the lineage of my 3rd Great grandfather Joseph Wadsworth. He raised his family in Chester County Pa but I have found several family trees on that have him being the son of J Moses Wadsworth 1783- 1819, of Bedford Co, PA and his first wife Mary. So how did he get from Bedford to Chester County? My mother is skeptical that his family came from Bedford Co. so I’m trying to track it down. I have tried to access the Wadsworth Family in America Volume 2 to see if it could shed some light but I can not seem to get a hold of it.

    Any chance you can help me out?

  50. Hi fellow Wadsworth’s!

    My name is Dwight Wadsworth originally from Farmington CT. I am currently in the U.S. Navy like my grandfather I was named after. I am thrilled to see a site with our last name on it.

  51. My father, Charles Lee Wadsworth, was the grandson of Peter Wadsworth, who was the son of a wealthy English industrialist. Apparently Peter was involved in a scandalous romantic liaison which resulted in him being expelled from the England and granted 150 acres of farm land to homestead in southern Indiana, probably around 1835-1850. Peter had 11 children who went on to have families of their own. If you visit the town of Elmer, Indiana, you will see a small cemetery which is divided amongst two families: the Wadsworths and the McLaughlins. Richard Nixon is a first cousin of my father, having been born to one of his aunts. My father says there were lawyers, harness makers, judges, a patent medicine salesman who was scandalously jailed, and violin makers amongst his Wadsworth relatives. He also made mention of an unmarried Wadsworth cousin who became pregnant by a traveling preacher. She and her daughter were well respected members of the community who were buried side by side in the Elmer Indiana cemetery. My father had four daughters. We relocated to St. Paul, Minnesota, where I still live, and my sisters have scattered across the U.S., depending upon their various occupations and marraiges.

  52. My maiden name is Wadsworth. My father was Herman Wadsworth born in Huntsville Alabama. in 1904. His father was William Thomas Wadsworth who died about 1914 when my father was only 10 yeaars old. His wife’s maiden was I think Minnie Ingram. I would like to hear from some Wadsworth relatives. My father had a brother, Uncle Clarence Wadsworth we used to visit in Elmore Co. Alabama (Wetumpka) when I was a child. He died when my children were young, many years ago.
    I am married to Jack Woodall of Georgia. I know that in Alabama some of the Woodalls married some of the Wadsworths. We have found out that the Woodalls are some of his ancesters who originated from Va. Would like to know a lot more.

    • Greetings Neomia!

      I’m a Wadsworth and have had our ancestry researched recently. There is a book entitled, “Wadsworth Family in America,1663-1985” by Mary Jane (Fry) Wadsworth, MCDowell Pub.,Utica,Ky. 1985. The southern branch of the Wadsworth’s came down from North Carolina,settled in GA.,AL.,MS.,TX. and CA. Then, you have the Wadsworth’s that came into the country and settled in Mass. and spread across the mid-west. We’re a diverse bunch !

      • The Mass. Wadsworth’s arrived in America in 1630 (Christopher and William). Christopher settled in Duxbury Mass, and William settled in Conn. I have a copy of a book written by Horace Wadsworth compiled from a Huge Wadsworth Family Reunion in Duxbury in 1881. This Reunion was mostly descendants of Christopher. Book contains every Wadsworth who attended the reunion, and annotates how each are connected to Christopher. My Great Grandfather was 10 years old at that reunion, and is how I can directly trace my connection to Christopher. Not to mention how I can also connect my family tree to several travelers on the Mayflower.

    • Ralph,
      Willie Wadsworth,our grandfather’s father was Asa Freeman Wadsworth and he was married to Johanna Fulenwider. Asa’s father was Stephen Wadsworth married to Mary Murphree. Then Stephen’s father was William Wadsworth,who was married 3 times,Wife (1) Lula Jack,(2) Temperence and (3) Lou Cynthia Glover. Our nearest Civil war kin was Grandmother Genie’s father,James Shell. James E.Shell was a Private in Co. B,5th Batt’n Alabama Infantry. He lived from 1844-1899 and is buried at Antioch Cemetery in Oneonta,AL.

    • Ralph,
      I am not a Wadsworth, but I am kin to the Stephen Wadsworth, b. 1850, son of William Wadsworth & Temperance Martin. My g. grandmother was Margaret Wadsworth, b. 1824, daughter of William Wadsworth & Lula Jack. Stephen & Margaret shared a father (William). Stephen Wadsworth is my great grand uncle (according to

      After marrying William Davidson in Marshall Co., AL in 1826, Margaret & family settled in Lawrence Co., AL and remained there until their deaths. I was born & raised in Lawrence Co., AL, and currently live in Huntsville.

      On Ancestry, my tree is here:
      (be sure to choose “Pedigree” view.)

      Beyond my g. grandmother, my information comes from Wadsworth researchers that I am now trying to verify as best as I can. I do not have copies of documentation that would support most of their claims, but they appear to be reliable. (I’m not referring to trees on Ancestry, many of which contain erroneous information.)

      Marcellus Graham

  53. Christopher Robert Wadsworth born in Solihull West Midlands Birmingham 1983. Family originated from Sheffield Yorkshire but only traced family tree back that far roughly early 1900’s. not many Wadsworths around, especially in Devon.

  54. I am named for the first of this Wadsworth line to arrive in America. My grandfather, Leslie Hardy Wadsworth (born in Provo, Utah 1/19/1891) was a Mormon elder, and visited England several times in the 50’s and 60’s doing genealogical research. He compiled a hand written document which was about 8 inches thick, tracing the family back to 1066 (we are Normans, originally). Unfortunately, this book was loaned to his son Kent, who has since died. If it could be located, it would shed light on the family lineage. I have found hand written family records from the 1500’s, but the further you go back, the harder it gets due to the variety of spellings used (Wordsworth, for instance). My uncle Kent passed away a few years ago in Utah. I’m hoping someone has come into possesion of it so that the work he put into it is not lost.

    My line from Christopher in Duxbury is as follows: Christopher Wadsworth Joseph Wadsworth Elisha Wadsworth Abiah Wadsworth Sedate Wadsworth Sedate Wadsworth Abiah Wadsworth Joseph Warren Wadsworth William Myron Wadsworth Leslie Hardy Wadsworth Lois Wadsworth Williams Christopher Robert Williams

    • Hi Chris, I am also a descendent of Martha Ann Hardy and William Myron Wadsworth of Hooper Utah. Your Grandfather Leslie Wadsworth, ( who we called Uncle Tess) is the brother of My Grandma Flora Bell Wadsworth King We are having a Wadsworth Reunion in Grace Idaho on July 9 2014, for the families of William and Martha Ann Wadsworth ( parents of Leslie). I have been trying to find information on Uncle Leslie children to share. But not having much luck. I did a Google search using William Kent Wadsworth and that is how I found your post. I also seen a picture posted on “Family search photos stories” of the three brothers, Will, Tess and Uncle Howard Wadsworth. The caption under it said the picture was found with items of W Kent Wadsworth . There is a name and an Email address of this person. How wonderful it would be if she knew what happened to his possessions. and you found his work. Kent was in a rest home when he died but no one in our family knew it until we read it in the paper. So sad as he had Family so close.
      It would be worth a try for you to see if the lady who posted the picture, knew anything about the book. I would love an update your family as we have lost track of everyone since your Grandpa’s sister “Aunt Iris” passed she was the family historian. I was named after one of Uncle Tess’s wives Melba Rose , but know nothing about her. I live in Riverside Ca. all my family is still in Hooper Ut and local area. Hope to hear from you ( I am on face book under Melba Mccowan Riverside ca . how wonderful it would be to be in touch with someone from Uncle Tess’s family.

      • Hi Melba. Uncle Tess (Lovey to us) had four children who lived to adulthood, and at least one who died as an infant. The four grown children were Elma Bernice Wadsworth (Jacobs), b 8/26/1913 d 1/3/1983, Melba Rose Wadsworth (Geraghty) b 9/18/1915 d 5/15/1974, Lois Wadsworth (Williams,my mother)
        b 7/12/1923 d 4/16/1993, and William Kent Wadsworth b 10/12/1929 d 12/7/2009. I believe you were named after his daughter, Melba Rose. If you are interested I have compiled a genealogy of the Wadsworth family through Tess’ lineage which goes back as early as the mid 400’s on the welsh side. I’m sorry I didn;t see this post until after the reunion, but please reach back to me if you get this. I will also try to find you on Facebook.

    • I am also descendant from Christopher, Joseph, and Elisha, but from there we split for I am from Elisha’s son Wait, Wait Jr, Louis Lumbar, Herbert Sr, Herbert Jr, Herbert T, Deborah, then Me. I am interested in any family history before Christopher. I have seen many different fathers for Christopher, but don’t know which one is correct. I have my tree on

      my email is if you would like to contact me directly.

  55. There appears to be several groups of Wadsworth’s that came to the states either through the New England states and those that came here through Virginia. Most of those Wadsworth’s that came from Virginia by way of Dublin,Ireland went to Georgia, on to Alabama,Mississippi ,Texas and California. Some of us fought for the North and some for the South. I can trace my ancestry to Georgia,but, not sure from that point. At any rate, proud of our southern heritage ! Roll Tide !

    • Ralph, as far as I know there is only one, although I’ve seen many versions of the same thing, including pencil sketches, tattoos, printed and online. I’m not sure which Wadsworth family it belongs to, but for now we will share it with all Wadsworths.

    • Should be only one. It is:3 silver Fleur-de-leis on red background (Argent). The crest: On a globe of the world, winged proper, an eagle rising up.
      Mott:Aquila Non Captat Muscas-The eagle does not catch flies or The eagle flies un-captured.
      Hope this helps.
      Greg Wadsworth

      • Gregory….same coat-of-arms that was passed on to me by my Uncle Gayle Wadsworth(deceased)now. Ralph is my cousin who lives in TN.I find it interesting how some of the Wadsworths up north are able to trace their lineage back to the 1600’s. I have only been able to trace mine back to the 1700’s and it’s difficult to determine which Wadsworths migrated from England to northern ports of entry as opposed to those who landed in the Carolinas and moved to the southern states.

  56. I am a Wadsworth. How do I know if we are related? I am getting married next month and am concerned that my sister and I are the end of the Wadsworth line in MA. Can you help me find out if this is true?

    • My mothers maiden name is Wadsworth. There are still at least a couple in MA that i know of. Family tree was done and ancestry is traced through Peleg. Rest assured a new generation with the last name is intact and already creating another generation. If you would like to compare notes or trees to find connection email me at Peace!!!!

      • I don’t know how active this site is. I am responding to a really old post. My fathers name is Peleg and his father before him and so on. The name is actually still being passed on. I have done some (little) research and would like to know when this line arrived in North America. I have found William who was a servant but do not know if that is the right line. Any info would be great Thanks

        • Peleg is from the Christopher line via: 1 Christopher Wadsworth (b. 1609), 2. Deacon John Wadsworth (b. 1638), 3. John Wadsworth (b 1672), 4. Peleg Wadsworth (b.1715), 5. BG Peleg Wadsworth (b. 1748).

          Hope this helps you. Have you set up a Tree?

    • How far up can you go on the Wadsworth side of your family? If you can get to a ancestor that was living in 1881, then they may have attended a huge Wadsworth Reunion in Duxbury. The Reunion was Documented by Horace Wadsworth and published into a book in which all participants where given a copy. That book can now be found in may places digitally. Title is: 250 Years of the Wadsworth Family in America, by Horace A Wadsworth. In the book in the back, there is a list of every Wadsworth attending the reunion, with an accounting of how they are Descendant from Christopher or William by generation. This book is a must have by any Wadsworth descendant of Christopher or William. Find your way to your Ancestor attending the Reunion, you have your line given to your as far back as the first Wadsworth to arrive in America.

  57. Interesting site. It would be nice to see where we Wadsworths are located across the United States.

    • Malachi,

      I’ve been trying to find out myself. There seems to be those Wadsworth’s that came to America by way of England and Ireland. They either settled in the New England states or Virginia. I’m looking for the southern group that came down from the Carolinas, went to Georgia,Alabama,MS.,TX. and finally to California. Being born and raised in Alabama,trying to find information on the Wadsworth’s is difficult,since most of them seem to have been poor farmers and were not highly educated (especially those from Blount Co.,AL.)

    • Ralph,

      I received an e-mail back in Oct. 2012, that we are related to a John Wadsworth,whose brother was Thomas Wadsworth. John Wadsworth joined the Confederate army in August 1862 at Talladega,Coosa Co.,AL. and supposedly served in the 44th Alabama Infantry,Capt. Coleman’s Co. F. However, I’ve been unable to confirm all of this. I’m a new member in the Sons of the Confederacy and have been trying to find out which of our lineage served in the Confederacy from Alabama (in particularly, from Blount Co.,AL. Hope all is well with you.

  58. Hello.
    I also am a direct descendent of Christopher Wadsworth, with the most recent generations living in Overbrook, Kansas. I wonder where our two lines diverge. I have an tree I could show you; do you have one I could see?

    Kathleen Lomax
    (my mom is a Butel but with a Wadsworth grandmother)

  59. Great Job!! My sister Karen and I own Minor league Baseball teams. We are related to Christopher still have a family home on the Ocean in Duxbury Ma.
    The name of our company is “The Wadsworth Sports Group” Barry would love to Know if we are related to Louis Fenn Wadsworth

    • It’s nice to see Wadsworth family still residing in Duxbury. I’m in Christophers line as well (I’m named after him). Has anyone ever figured out how he got to the U.S.? I’ve researched ship’s manifests of the period, but only find William. There is some speculation that this is his older brother, but that remains speculation. I have traced the family line back, an dwill provide you my spreadsheet if you are interested.

      • Chris, thanks for your comments on my website. As far as the relationship between William and Christopher, DNA tests have proven conclusively that they were not related. How Christopher came to America is still unclear.

        • HELP WADSWORTH FAMILY! The Wadsworth-Clayton family cemetery is going to be removed by Barnesville, GA and relocated to a mass grave in town. Includes removing mass grave of confederate soldiers buried there in 1864

          Because they failed to notify descendants correctly we have little time to act. Please write them and tell them NO. I have a facebook page called Wadsworth-Clayton cemetery in peril for information.

          • James, Christopher and William were not brothers, or related for that matter. There is no evidence available to substantiate the fact that they came on the Lyon together. Sorry.

      • I hope this helps:Christopher,B Dec.1,1607/09 in Heptonstall, Yorkshire ,Eng. D 312, Jul. 1677 Duxbury, Plymouth, Mass.
        Married Grace Cole 1630 Duxbury. Grace B 1607/10 Eng. D. Jun.13, 1688 Duxbury, Plymouth, Mass. He was First Constable of Plymouth to servew the King for one year and moved to Duxbury with friends John Alden, Myles Standish. Christopher was a prominent man and landowner in Duxbury.
        Arrived into Boston 1632 age 23.When her arrived his actual spelling of his name was:Xxofer Waddesworth.
        He had land in 1638, at Holy Swamp;and in 1655 bought land of John Starr. He dwelt in the southern part of the town, in the same vicinity where his descendants reside at the present day. And was a Puritan.
        Greg Wadsworth direct relative.

  60. Hi Michael, Thanks for updating me with your new website. Still working on the early English Wadsworths but not ready to upload anything yet. I will keep you posted when I get there!
    Regards Ann

  61. Do you have a family tree somewhere? Mine is at It’s called the Branching Tree. It is open to the public, please take a look at it, if you are interested. I enjoyed viewing your site I have often thought of starting one for my family’s background. Thank you for sharing this with me. I am related through the Walker side of my family.

  62. Wadsworth -by way of John Quincy Adams Hutchinson / Amanda Rhoda Wadsworth
    Thank you for all your labor as it concerns this interesting family. Forwarded your current e-mail to my children and will dig into your new site after some honey-do’s are complete Greg & Brenda Wood

  63. Very nice, Mike! I really like all you have done a great deal! I look forward to looking into it more and more as time goes by to see what else you’ve done.


  64. I am the firstborn son (I have 3 other siblings – 2 brothers and 1 sister) of Thomas Marshall Wadsworth and Katherine Lee Wadsworth. My father was born in 1948 to Homer Wadsworth. To the best of my knowledge my great grandfather G.T. Wadsworth came from back east (Oklahoma?). He came to Oregon and started a bank. My grandfather, Homer Wadsworth along with my father and my uncle worked in the banking industry for several decades. I grew up in Woodburn, Oregon. My father, Thomas Wadsworth passed away in 2003 from cancer (agent orange in Vietnam). He was 55. I moved to Kentucky in 1999 and have lived here for the past 13 years. I am married with 5 children. My mother, Kathy Wadsworth still lives in Woodburn, Oregon. I am very confident that I have some family in these parts of the country. At this time I do not know of anyone except my immediate uncle and aunt (my Dad’s only living siblings).

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