My name is Wadsworth.  I’m a 12th generation descendent of Christopher Wadsworth.  I started this website in 2005 to chronicle the history of one of our nation’s first families.  In 1632, the first Wadsworth’s are living in Plymouth Colony and immediately began making an impact on life in the community.  Christopher Wadsworth became constable and a respected landholder.  His neighbors included William Brewster, Myles Standish, and William Bradford who served as Governor of the colony.

Wadsworth didn’t come on the Mayflower 11 years earlier, but upon his arrival, the colony was still in its infancy.  Roughly 300 people lived there at the time, but the population would swell in the years between 1630 and 1640, a period known as the Great Migration.  During that period over 20,000 settlers had arrived in Massachusetts Bay Colony alone, and by 1678 the English population of all of New England was estimated to be approximately 60,000.

Christopher was just one among 300 at first, soon to be one among thousands.  He was my 9th Great Grandfather.  And now I am one among millions living in this great nation.  I’m a Wadsworth with a rich family heritage, one that I intend to explore.  This website is the chronicle of that exploration.  Will you join me?