The Book That Started it All

Some time ago, I was contacted by a woman in Ireland that had come across an original copy of the book 250 Years of the Wadsworth Family in America. The book, she said, was part of an estate sale and she wondered if I would be interested in having it. I had recently purchased a soft cover reprint of the book which I had marked up extensively during my research. Of course I jumped at the chance to have an original copy, so I responded that I would be more than happy to pay her whatever she wanted for the book. She requested only that I pay postage, and would send me the book.

Several weeks later I received the prize that I had never considered actually owning myself. Although, at best, it is in good shape, the pages are clear and the book is intact. I’ve uploaded some photos of the book which is 9 1/2″ x 6 3/4″.








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  1. My father is Calvin Wadsworth VI, I would have been the VII but I was the first born daughter in 7 generations. I would love to get a copy of this book! My ancestors migrated from Ireland, as well as England to America. I need this book! How can I get a copy?

  2. I am descended from Joseph Wadsworth who emigrated from Sheffield, England with his family in 1840. Two of his sons are quoted in the book. On page 6, his son Joseph stated the family originated in Normandy, settled in Kent, and was granted a coat of arms after the Battle of Cressy (1346). The family broke up during the English civil wars with those who sided with Oliver Cromwell (many Puritans) going to America and those siding with the Crown going to Yorkshire. I would eventually like to find a link between the two sides.

  3. This is great to see! Thanks so much for creating this website. My mom’s name is Sandra Wadsworth and her father was Orrin Wadsworth. I never knew too much about my family history on mom’s side, because tragically she was given up for adoption at a young age. It’s wonderful to discover some of the rich history associated with the Wadsworth family name.

    • Hi Terry, my uncle was named Orrin Wadsworth. He was from Joliet IL. He passed away in the 60s. I know we have pictures of him somewhere.

  4. How wonderful to find so many active Wadsworths. I’m afraid I came from the farming stock of Wadsworths who lived in Craven and Moor Counties, N. C. Then to GA, AL, MS. I’d love to know folks related to me. I descended from Ignatius Wadsworth Sr. His son William S. is my gggf. This site is on my bookmarks, for sure.

  5. Looking for help filling in gaps of my antecedent Joseph Wadsworth of Becket, Mass. he was born in 1750. Thx,
    Mary G

    • My Great Grand-father was Joseph Wadsworth, I know that 7 brothers came to Massachusetts from England.I would have to talk to my sister-in-law for more info.Feel free to contact me.

  6. This is such a great website. I am also a wadsworth orignally from western pa. I also have an orignal copy of the 250 years of wadsworth. Still in pretty good shape and all text is clear. I also have notebook paper with someones handwritting that must have been working thier way back to christopher.

    • My name is Freddie Wadsworth,from Central PA (Clinton County, Renovo to be exact). My father’s name is Freddie, his father was Garydon D. Wadsworth ( b.1924), all from the same area. I am looking for ANY info to help fill in the gaps.
      Thank you in advance for your time and any help.
      – Freddie

  7. My son found a very old Bible with the name to my daughter, Orilla Wadsworth date appears to be 1820. Inscription handwritten in ink.

  8. Several decades ago, I found this book listed in the Genealogy Room at the Library of Congress. When I requested it, I learned that it had been stolen. However, the library had a micro fiche of it and I printed it from the micro fiche. It is very useful for genealogy work. I am a direct descendant of William Wadsworth who came to America in 1632 and of his son John Wadsworth.

    • Hello,

      I am one of the founding members of the Friends of the Meetinghouse located in Farmingyon, CT that is working to preserve the 1771 National Historic site in this town designed and constructed by Judah Woodruff. Our group provided a special tour of the Meetinghouse the last Sunday in July for members of the Wadsworth family reunion. The Meetinghouse and the Wadsworth family in Farmington are interrelated. Would you be willing to provide your email address so that we might send you some information to share with your extended family? Thank you very much.

  9. This is such a great find…
    Hello my name is Elizabeth Wadsworth descendant of Seth Wadsworth, Charles Wadsworth, Daniel Wadsworth of Benson, NY Adirondack Park.

    • My Grandfather was Stephen Wadsworth of Benson. My relatives are in the Wadsworth cemetery in Hope. Feel free to contact me on Facebook.

  10. My name is Monica Sagers, and I’m from Utah. I’m a direct descendant of these great men as well, although it’s been many generations back. I just found out this book existed,and I’d love to be able to read a copy. Any suggestions on where to get one?

  11. Hi Wadsworth Folk – To Let You Know.

    I am about to complete a book titled ” the Sheriffs of Moore County, NC

    In the book are profiles of two Wadsworth Sheriffs
    They are father and son William John Wadsworth and his son Adam Ringstaff Wadsworth

    I would be pleased to receive any information from anyone who would like to see additional data included and i would be pleased to share information that I Have in return.

    • I am related to William John Wadsworth and his son Adam Ringstaff Wadsworth. I’m also related to the Barretts of S. C. I have one genealogy culled years ago by Janet Barrett with dependency of Barrets and Wadsworth I’ll be glad to send you in exchange, if this is one of your families.

  12. Hi, I am Susan Wadsworth (Becks) and I am a direct descendant of William Wadsworth (1594) from England who is the father of Captain Joseph Wadsworth. I live in Ohio very near Wadsworth, Ohio. Elijah Wadsworth is the namesake of Wadsworth, Ohio. I am so excited to find this blog and learn more about my amazing family history. My husband and I are planning a road trip to Hartford, CT this summer to do more investigative work. He is the genealogy person in our family and would love more information on the Wadsworth history.

    Is there any copies of this “Wadsworth Family” book in circulation?

    • Greetings, my name is Erick Wadsworth and I too am a direct descendent of William Wadsworth who traveled with Thomas Hooker to establish Hartford, Connecticut. I am now living in Pittsfield, Massachusetts and hope to conduct family history research on the Wadsworth family while living in the Hartford area.

    • Captain Joseph Wadsworth was a half brother of my ancestor John Wadsworth, both children of William Wadsworth. John came with his father, sister, and mother from England to the Boston area with Rev. Hooker’s group from England. His mother is listed on the ships passenger list, but not mentioned again. We do not know if she died on the ship or after landing in New England as she is not mentioned again.

      John and his sister went with their father William when the group went from Cambridge with the same group to found Hartford, Conn. After a few years in Connecticut William remarried and Joseph is a child of this second marriage.

  13. My Grandfather had a original copy. But upon his death in 1966, my grandmother had much of his stuff boxed and after time, it was lost. My mother related to me, he had shown it to her when she was young, also he had written a ton of notes in the bindings, (I’d kill to read those notes!) I have since purchased a reproduced copy of the book and have it saved in pdf format as well. But the pictures in the book I do not have, I would love to get a copy of those. I am descendent of Louis Lumber Wadsworth a attendee of that reunion, who is my great great grandfather, His son Herbert Wadsworth, noted as (Herbie)in the book, was my great grandfather, he was only 10. I believe all Adult attendee’s of the 1881 reunion received a copy. Would be great if another reunion was held, in the same manner as that one was, and a fellow Wadsworth, who is a published author, could document it and publish a new book. Just a thought.

  14. Hello to all..My name is John Wadsworth of Stark County, Ohio….my father was John Wadsworth Sr….His father John Wesley Wadsworth was born and buried in Magnolia Ohio….I was a professional dancer in New York City .. moved to New York in 1964 and moved back to Canton, Ohio in 1964…also had a dance studio at Melrose and Lincoln The Wadsworth Dance Center in Chicago….I also taught Ballroom along with theatrical Jazz and Tap dancing..having many students who contributed to the stage….I’m now retired and living in Jackson Township/Massillon Ohio..Please let me know who you are and write if your a Wadsworth

  15. Hello, fellow Wadsworths. I am Doris J. Wadsworth, descendant of Edward,Thomas, Thomas, John, William, Stephen, William E., & William B. Wadsworth, b 3-8-1921. I have been researching for years on different lines and now trying to tie it all together for my sons. My father (William B.) was born in Oneonta, Al and so was his father William E. We also have Hathcocks, Bynums, Kilgores, Murphrees, Harris, Isbell and a whole host of others. I would love to correspond and exchange information with any of my kin. Please contact me if you like and I would love to contact you!

  16. We were the foster parents for Robert G Wadsworth. We live near Portland, Oregon. Can anyone tell me about who among the Wadsworth family went to Oregon. Robert died February 2nd 2016. He was not yet 21.His birthday was March 15th. His Dad’s name is Brian Wadsworth. He has a young brother named Paul.

  17. Hello Family! I’m Tara Wadsworth, daughter of the lost Calvin Wadsworth VI. I’m finding the info on this website fascinating. I want to learn as much as I can about our history because it’s been somewhat lost to us. My aunt has done some amazing work digging up artifacts from Calvin Wadsworth II. I want to know more.

  18. I am a descendant of the W of central Pennsylvania. I am willing to discuss what I know of the surname. I corresponded with someone in the UK who said there are records dating back to the 13th century of W in Yorkshire, England. I am in Texas.

    • Hello,
      I am Julie Wadsworth. My father who was born in Crag Vale, West Yorkshire in 1919 told me that he had been told that ancestors had moved to America. I intend to research this at some time. The town Wadsworth is always referred to as the Old Town. There is also Wadsworth Moor in the area.

    • I also am a Wadsworth from Central Pennsylvania. My Name is Freddie, my father’s name in Freddie as well. His father’s name was Graydon D. Wadworth (b. 1924), all from Renovo, PA. I am currently residing in Lock Haven, PA. I am trying to fill the gaps in my info on my heritage. Please feel free to email me :
      Thank you in advance for your time and any help you may have

  19. This site may be the beginning of something greater than its originator can imagine!

    Since becoming involved in the restoration of Middletown, Connecticut’s Wadsworth Mansion (built 1908 by Colonel Clarence Seymour Wadsworth and his wife Katharine Fearing Hubbard Wadsworth), I have researched much Wadsworth lore. One of the treasures that came to the mansion is the book described above. The Mansion’s copy formerly belonged to Colonel Wadsworth, who received it in his twenties from an uncle. I do not know how many copies were published.

    For more Wadsworth information, please see, and then click on “History”

  20. I amm excited to be availed of the existance of this book and like others would very much like to obtain a copy for my family, as we have been reseaching the family history. Our research has been temporarilly halted due to the death of my father, William Amasa Wadsworth II.

  21. Just came across this site today. I know some history of the family. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s grandfather was my great times 5 grandfather. I also know about Charles and William coming to America in 1632 on a boat called “The Lion ” . Can’t wait to explore more.

  22. Mike, Would you mind telling me how many of these copies exist? I am curious how many were printed?
    What a priceless gift you received!
    Eliza W.

    • Eliza, you’ve posed a question that I’ve not considered until now. I don’t know how many copies were printed or how many still exist. Probably never will, but you’ve piqued my curiosity! Thanks!

      • Wow! This is all amazing to me. My story will surely put a spin on things as well. I am a descendant of Edward Ernest Wadsworth who is from Yorkshire, England. My “roots” were planted in Jamaica, West Indies. Isabella McKenzie Heron is our great-grandmother. There are 17 of us…

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